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an Armoury for Victorian Gentlemens

A small set of Steampunk-themed weapons, as requested by Glasmond.

Not willing to simply glue an exhaust chimney and a couple of gears on a fantasy weapon to label it “steampunk”, I tried a bit of a “back to the roots” approach.
Soooo.. outdated scientific concepts, mechanical verisimilitude and literary references all the way !

PS : Indeed I’m aware that the Flail is a bit dangerous to use, especially for start out/switch off.
Also I pictured it manned by poor workers from Cornwall, used to harsh life and whose safety is judged secondary by their employers, I may go back on that one later.

traits de construction

Post Scriptum : About construction lines

On my work you’ll get to see that kind of out-of-placed lines every-so-often.
It’s not a strict personal rule, but more often than not I restrain from erasing anything on my paper drawings. In fact, in those cases I start directly with a (light) pen rather than with a lead pencil.

There are a few reasons for this. Most should be easy enough to deduce but I may explain it someday if anybody is curious.

Everyday objects being turned into monsters …

…”like stuff from your room suddenly looking like monsters at night, in the dark.”
Request from Guillaume G

Medium : markers, white paint, photo printed with a shitty printer (and no digital retouching)

["une monstrification d'objets de la vie de tous les jours. Genre les objets de ta chambre qui se mettent à ressembler à des monstres la nuit dans le noir"]