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traits de construction

Post Scriptum : About construction lines

On my work you’ll get to see that kind of out-of-placed lines every-so-often.
It’s not a strict personal rule, but more often than not I restrain from erasing anything on my paper drawings. In fact, in those cases I start directly with a (light) pen rather than with a lead pencil.

There are a few reasons for this. Most should be easy enough to deduce but I may explain it someday if anybody is curious.

Drawing requests

Some time ago, as for a challenge, I asked around for stuff people would like me to draw for them. The only rule : no human being.
Little did they know it was all part of a ritual intended for … something.

So… for the next two week I’ll post one of those drawing each working day !

This place is a personal website, but not intended to be the celebration of a writer’s ego.
This place is a dustbin, collecting the residue of vital activity like a sea-floor where pile up the roting remains of planktons, fishes and mollusc waiting to turn into sedimentary layers.

This is a fossil record documenting my explorations, reflections and creations.

(Yet, is a personal website anything else ?)