Tiny Worlds in Bottles

Jellyfish in a tiny bottle
By Akinobu Izumi.
Check out his Etsy page, there is plenty more where that came from !

On a related note
Etsy .. Don’t you love being in a time where anyone can have access to lovely handmade and incredibly creative affordable pieces of art from all over the world ?
Well I do. It’s the best demonstration that art, just like human emancipation (as a form of emancipation), can be for the masses by the masses rather than something intrinsically directed toward a so-called elite.

Little wooly Icelandic landscapes

Wooly Sagas“, is a wonderful tribute to the subtly strange beauty of the Icelandic landscapes, handmade by Eszter Burghardt, who’s clearly in love with this country.
The tampering with forced perspective and depth of field is admirable.
The choice of scale and medium gives to the work an inward and sentimental feel : A plush geology.A volcanic diorama made of wool and imagination.

A nice Nordic river

Ice block floating in a creek

River lined with green

Stop pokemon abuse !

In Pokemon Black and Blue, Pikachu decide to struggle for emancipation against mistreatments inflicted to the pokemons by unprincipled trainers !

I only ever read negative reviews about that initiative from Peta.
A bit unfair, if you ask me.
The realisation is rather good, way beyond what you would expect from a game intended to be a little opinion tract.
Plus, it’s crawling with sharp references and never take itself too seriously. Typically the work of a true fan rather than the typical pamphlet built around hearsays usual in video-game critics.

Overall, nothing but one of those spin applied to a pop-culture icon the internet is getting us used to. One built around the hypothesis : “Eh, what if we looked at pokemon as games featuring actual animal fightings ? With a dark and violent side previously silenced ?”.

Which, of course, doesn’t mean Pokemon boils down to some sort of “sadistic game that should be banned”. Only stupid book-burning censors could fail this hard at understanding the subtle ambivalence of art.
In the present case, for me, Pokemon on the contrary is an excellent initiation animal and nature-loving : Spending hours looking for new creatures, trying to know and understand their life-cycles and behaviours in order to complete one’s collection … Quite the naturalist’s spirit !

Beside, the series gave rise on N64 to one of the best and most creative narrative non-violent game ever made : Pokemon Snap.
Where victory is achieved through the contemplation of animals living in freely in the wild rather than by capturing them.
A sleeping Snorlax from Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Black and Blue, a peta parody

What is both the single biggest and oldest organism on earth ?

The velella, a small free floating hydrozoan

Picture unrelated

Recent discoveries show that there are whales alive today that were born before the writing of Moby Dick, 200 years from now and which have old stone harpoons still lodged in their skin.

But they are nothing next to the organism known as “Pando”.
Pando is over 80 000 years old.
Pando is the heavier living being on earth.

“There is a big spider in the office”

Warning : spiders. Video not suitable for arachnophobes.

Genius misuses of a bit of projection mapping.

Irruption of fiction into mundane everyday perspective.

Sudden realisation that the contemporary world drive us all into living in plexiglas boxes,
where our crawling, beautiful, dark chaotic self, our arachnean side, is left panicking worthlessly.


an Ixitl

Another of my pet creatures.

Among other things, I’m a huge fan of golden-age era science-fiction literature.
I borrowed the Ixitl from “The Voyage of the Space Beagle”, my favourite novel from Van Vogt, one of my favourite author from that period.
It’s the tale of the crew of an exploration space ship confronting extra-terrestrial life forms -truly alien ones- and trying to grasp the way they live and think.
In order to kill them, of course.
If you love strange creatures, stories where triumph is obtained by outwitting the adversary rather than brute strength and if you don’t mind a bit of scientific inaccuracy, you’ll love this book.
(From which the film “Alien” borrowed heavily by the way)

I took considerable liberties with his design, looking for what I “felt” the creature looked like rather than the precise description, which I deemed still a bit too humanoid to fit the otherworldly and terrifying strangeness that is the Ixitl : intangible lone survivor of a once great species, wandering hopelessly into the inter-galactic void.