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Animation monday : The Doodle Project

The animation in itself is crazy, beautiful and fun, but the process leading to it is cardinal :

Doodle project. Original sketches next to the artist's drawing it inspired.

Pictoplasma-related artist Dante Zaballa created a simple (yet already quite crazy and well done) 216 frame looping animation. Gave a handful of frames to 62 different artists all over the world for them to redraw them with their own characters and styles. Then asked 14 different musicians to each create a track accompanying one of the animation loops.
The result looks like something out of a cognition-reading machine connected to a cyber-collective unconscious-generated I.A.

The Doodle project

Animation monday : Gloam

Created by David Elwell & Gareth Hughes.
The peaceful wandering of an odd wood creature.

I love that they didn’t felt the need to add any actual action to the movie. Keeping it focused on the actual subject : The creature. Pure, unadulterated love for the creature.

I confess, maybe my fondness may have something to do with a passing resemblance she bears with the take on the Sasquatch I did for the “missing link” pictoplasma exhibition.

Animation monday : Azúl

A dream-like journey. The story of someone out of place in his own way, lost in a stranger land he is passionate of in his own way.

I love the poesy of it. The unusual imagery it convoke. The certainly huge amount of work for visual documentation behind it.
Created by Rémy Busson, Francis Canitrot, Aurélien Duhayon, Sébastien Iglesias, Maxence Martin and Paùl Monge, from Supinfo com.