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Neither grays nor little green men

1975 Japanese magazine illustrations of creatures from close encounters.
The double distance, both cultural and temporal, allow us to evaluate how much this is an imagery which heavily borrows from science-fiction and in the same time is clearly distinct from it. One cannot help but notice that it’s a visually rich universe, with it’s interpretation possibilities far from being exhausted.

Vintage Japanese representation of aliens from close encouter

vintage representations of aliens witnessed in close encounter of the third kind

Animation monday : Gloam

Created by David Elwell & Gareth Hughes.
The peaceful wandering of an odd wood creature.

I love that they didn’t felt the need to add any actual action to the movie. Keeping it focused on the actual subject : The creature. Pure, unadulterated love for the creature.

I confess, maybe my fondness may have something to do with a passing resemblance she bears with the take on the Sasquatch I did for the “missing link” pictoplasma exhibition.

Pictoplasma’s Missing Link research project

My take on the yeti/sasquatch/mi-go/almasty, for Pictoplasma’s Missing Link research project. Part of the Pictoplasma exhibition at “la Gaité Lyrique” in Paris.

If you’re looking for true contemporary art, that is : an artistic movement, made by living people, today, creating new forms and images unseen (and, for causality reasons, most likely impossible) thirty years prior, Pictoplasma is the deal.