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Everyday objects being turned into monsters …

…”like stuff from your room suddenly looking like monsters at night, in the dark.”
Request from Guillaume G

Medium : markers, white paint, photo printed with a shitty printer (and no digital retouching)

["une monstrification d'objets de la vie de tous les jours. Genre les objets de ta chambre qui se mettent à ressembler à des monstres la nuit dans le noir"]


A hairy monster …

… with lots of tentacles, slime, and lots of flesh, and teeth, and maybe two heads or more … with limbs running around. Something half dead, with exposed flesh, but alive !”
As requested by Claire B

["un monstre poilu, avec plein de tentacules, de bave, et avec plein de chair, et de dents, et peut-être deux têtes ou plus... avec des membres qui se baladent. Un truc à moitié mort, chair à vif, mais vivant !"]

“Family portraits”

Another illustrated story for the most excellent webzine Vortex, on page 22 of the issue #2.

It’s a story about family, death and life that goes on.
Léa E gave a little hand for the writing.

Boy ! Do I oh-so love spending hours looking for visual documentation !

Pictoplasma’s Missing Link research project

My take on the yeti/sasquatch/mi-go/almasty, for Pictoplasma’s Missing Link research project. Part of the Pictoplasma exhibition at “la Gaité Lyrique” in Paris.

If you’re looking for true contemporary art, that is : an artistic movement, made by living people, today, creating new forms and images unseen (and, for causality reasons, most likely impossible) thirty years prior, Pictoplasma is the deal.