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It’s about time : The End Of The World, remastered edition

If you love stop-motion animation, the naivete of black and white silent sci-fi films, outdated and grossly inaccurate dinosaur representation, Willis O’Brian, Georges Méliès, Conan Doyle and Jules Verne, sit down, put on your bow-tie and gaiters, your cloche-hat and long pearl necklace :

The (brilliant) Morgann Gicquel just finished the post-production and the remastered edition of The End Of The World is now online !

New and original soundtrack by Sebastian Ferreira, more efficient montage, title cards entirely redone …
And special effects were added thanks to your’s truly ! (among others. It’s a team effort)
Now available with English subtitles.
Enjoy !


On the canevas of Saint-Denis under the snow.

Here’s to you, who taught me how to create that kind of things, without Photoshop, without computers, just with a little grain of imagination.


A series about spooky intrusions into our world. Made without any digital image editing, not even for the contrasts or colors. Everything was made by hand with paper and scissors.


an Ixitl

Another of my pet creatures.

Among other things, I’m a huge fan of golden-age era science-fiction literature.
I borrowed the Ixitl from “The Voyage of the Space Beagle”, my favourite novel from Van Vogt, one of my favourite author from that period.
It’s the tale of the crew of an exploration space ship confronting extra-terrestrial life forms -truly alien ones- and trying to grasp the way they live and think.
In order to kill them, of course.
If you love strange creatures, stories where triumph is obtained by outwitting the adversary rather than brute strength and if you don’t mind a bit of scientific inaccuracy, you’ll love this book.
(From which the film “Alien” borrowed heavily by the way)

I took considerable liberties with his design, looking for what I “felt” the creature looked like rather than the precise description, which I deemed still a bit too humanoid to fit the otherworldly and terrifying strangeness that is the Ixitl : intangible lone survivor of a once great species, wandering hopelessly into the inter-galactic void.