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It’s about time : The End Of The World, remastered edition

If you love stop-motion animation, the naivete of black and white silent sci-fi films, outdated and grossly inaccurate dinosaur representation, Willis O’Brian, Georges Méliès, Conan Doyle and Jules Verne, sit down, put on your bow-tie and gaiters, your cloche-hat and long pearl necklace :

The (brilliant) Morgann Gicquel just finished the post-production and the remastered edition of The End Of The World is now online !

New and original soundtrack by Sebastian Ferreira, more efficient montage, title cards entirely redone …
And special effects were added thanks to your’s truly ! (among others. It’s a team effort)
Now available with English subtitles.
Enjoy !

an Armoury for Victorian Gentlemens

A small set of Steampunk-themed weapons, as requested by Glasmond.

Not willing to simply glue an exhaust chimney and a couple of gears on a fantasy weapon to label it “steampunk”, I tried a bit of a “back to the roots” approach.
Soooo.. outdated scientific concepts, mechanical verisimilitude and literary references all the way !

PS : Indeed I’m aware that the Flail is a bit dangerous to use, especially for start out/switch off.
Also I pictured it manned by poor workers from Cornwall, used to harsh life and whose safety is judged secondary by their employers, I may go back on that one later.