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Stop pokemon abuse !

In Pokemon Black and Blue, Pikachu decide to struggle for emancipation against mistreatments inflicted to the pokemons by unprincipled trainers !

I only ever read negative reviews about that initiative from Peta.
A bit unfair, if you ask me.
The realisation is rather good, way beyond what you would expect from a game intended to be a little opinion tract.
Plus, it’s crawling with sharp references and never take itself too seriously. Typically the work of a true fan rather than the typical pamphlet built around hearsays usual in video-game critics.

Overall, nothing but one of those spin applied to a pop-culture icon the internet is getting us used to. One built around the hypothesis : “Eh, what if we looked at pokemon as games featuring actual animal fightings ? With a dark and violent side previously silenced ?”.

Which, of course, doesn’t mean Pokemon boils down to some sort of “sadistic game that should be banned”. Only stupid book-burning censors could fail this hard at understanding the subtle ambivalence of art.
In the present case, for me, Pokemon on the contrary is an excellent initiation animal and nature-loving : Spending hours looking for new creatures, trying to know and understand their life-cycles and behaviours in order to complete one’s collection … Quite the naturalist’s spirit !

Beside, the series gave rise on N64 to one of the best and most creative narrative non-violent game ever made : Pokemon Snap.
Where victory is achieved through the contemplation of animals living in freely in the wild rather than by capturing them.
A sleeping Snorlax from Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Black and Blue, a peta parody